PCB Terminal Blocks

Reliance Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks Deliver High-performance and Unmatched Value

Reliance North America (RNA) provides U.S. OEM Customers with a Sophisticated Selection of High-performance PCB Terminal Block Products to Meet Demanding Requirements

RNA serves the OEM market with a growing portfolio of connectivity products through our partnership with Chengdu Reliance Electric Co., Ltd., a manufacturing powerhouse serving much of Asia and Europe.

Our Standard Product Lines include a diverse selection of proven Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks designed to meet various engineering requirements, including:

  • Multi-position PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Double Level Terminal Blocks
  • Spring Cage Clamping
  • Top or Front screw connection
  • Screw flanges for vibration-resistant connection

As Asia’s leading manufacturer of electrical and electronics connectivity products, Chengdu Reliance Electric Co., Ltd. has produced exceptional quality for many of the best known global companies for nearly five decades. Today, Reliance North America (RNA) makes that same superb quality available to our OEM customers combined with RNA’s unmatched value that is designed to benefit any OEM’s bottom line.

Reliance North America serves U.S. and Canadian customers with: